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 About Digital Nectar:

          Leigh Hilbert launched Digital Nectar Videography in early 2016 as a Canadian west coast extension of his well-established Leigh Hilbert Photography

         Every Digital Nectar production is unique, with  Leigh working collaboratively on a per-project basis with various talented filmmakers, videographers, artistic directors, editors, and field assistants. He is also quite capable of going it alone as displayed in his phenomenal molten lava movies.

        Digital Nectar Videography is based out of the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.

As of December 2019 we have launched our latest venture: Naturegram Video Greetings.

Please check it out and give it a try: 


Oh, and check out our PROJECTS page to watch some fun and interesting videos we have made recently.


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ELEMENTALS  is a short introductory video — a taste of the type of ingredients used in the current video e-greetings project that is now live. ‘Elementals’ represents the kind of subjects we enjoy filming and some of our range of nature-based stock footage.

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 A surreal three and a half minute slice of altered reality,

a journey to the place between the forces that create all things,

a dreamscape of the natural world, and sometimes ours …

A Taste of Digital Nectar.


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Meet Leigh Hilbert

      The creator of Digital Nectar Videography, Leigh has been involved with video and photography for over half a century. In this photo, he is on a shoot displaying our larger of two unique camera gimbal stabilizing systems; showing the crew a hands-free manoeuvre. (All of the camera equipments weight is entirely supported by his invention of a backpack sporting two strong flexible poles; allowing for much smoother filming – and less back strain). 


This unit is a very cool custom modified three-axis gimbal camera stabilizing system; great for super-smooth action shooting!


Photograph by Ron Boyle

To get to unique filming areas, Leigh is known for hiking many miles in rough terrain carrying his photography equipment on and in a backpack and also slung over his shoulder when he is on site . ~ Photograph by Ron Boyle


        Prior to Digital Nectar Videography, Leigh’s camera lens focused on the wilderness and wildlife of the Canadian west coast, and on documenting the Big Island of Hawaii; principally the molten lava erupting from Kilauea Volcano. An internationally acclaimed molten lava photographer and videographer, he has a large collection of diverse active volcano lava clips. We host some of his lava films on this site, but the bulk of his stunning work can be found here.

        Throughout his career, Leigh has made vast contributions to all forms of print and film media. In the lava genre alone, he is well-recognized for global contributions to a plethora of TV and radio news stories, magazines, books, and many movies. His launch into Digital Nectar Videography carries his creative passion into the present even stronger and brighter!