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 We are curators of wild beauty, offering compelling artistry and an eye for the extraordinary …




Get us onboard with your project; bounce ideas and possibilities around with us:

  • Do you have a documentary short in mind? Run it by us. 

  • Maybe you already have a film idea or project in production and need some specific scenes or B-roll material to complete your masterpiece. Tell us what you’re missing and we’ll do our best to create it. Let us know what your storyline is and details about footage gaps that need to be filled and perhaps we can supply those for you. 

  • Or dip into our sweet collection of unique clips that are ready to go. We may have the footage you need to complete your project, clips that would make any movie standout.  

Visionary Video in 2K HD up to 8K cinema …

  • Advertisements for small businesses is another area we can be creative; virtual tour video promos draw clients to businesses. This is especially true these days as most advertising is now moving to video as the prime marketing tool. 

  • We are passionate about producing films that honour nature, wildlife and those magic moments when people interact with the wild. Our mandate is to celebrate and support the protection of natural habitats and the creatures who depend upon them. 

  • Communication is the key. How can we help?


Using our knowledge, skills and tools to make pixel-magic happen:

  • Our camera equipment can be utilized for just about anything you want to document. — We can shoot scenes or situations that are challenging.  Just let us know what you are aiming for!

  • We excel at low-light shooting conditions.

  • From raw footage fast, without frills, to polished results. We can bring your vision to life.

  • (Sorry but we do not offer to shoot weddings, parties or school events).

Post Production:

Where we creatively do our digital magic … Crafting a beautiful, compelling finished project:


  1. Process and edit the raw footage

  2. Colour correct

  3. Add affects and motion graphics as needed

  4. Insert required text

  5. Edit or add audio

  6. Design your soundtrack

  7. Share draft copies with you for input

  8. Make any further adjustments needed

  9. Process the finished production into distribution quality formats

  •  Our editing services range from rough-cuts to complete productions ready for public airing. We prefer to use our own footage, but will consider editing your clips as well.

Still photography and Graphic Art:

We are experts at capturing superb still images, including fine art productions. Let us know your needs and desires and we might be able to get the shot for you.

  •  We’ve also produced many covers for DVD”s, CD”s (remember those?), Web pages and E-Books, high-end magazine multi-page layouts.

  • We love the creative challenge of bringing your dream concepts to life! Our graphic art expertise will make that happen!

  • If you have an immediate need for high quality digital still images for a project like a web page, presentation or a fine art print to cover an entire office wall, then please click on this outside link: Leigh’s image galleries. You can purchase print images or digital downloads directly from that site or contact us for personal assistance and special rates.


Leigh (Lee) Hilbert: Leigh.Hilbert@DigitalNectar.ca   

In-the-field:     250-221-0937

Office:    250-537-2088

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