The page below hosts sample videos & clips and a note as to what we are working on --


Digital Nectar has created a very cool video e-greeting service (think greeting card with nature video) called:  Naturegram Video Greetings – check it out please!!  Here ya go >>> <<<. This project took a tremendous amount of time field shooting, computer processing and on website development. That said, it is a really fun and a wildly creative endeavour! — I am really stoked on this project! Here is my Introduction … audio up?….


Our movie project is still ON HOLD until 2020: Hopefully by then we’ll be able to put all our energy into that and be diligently focused on assembling the myriad of pieces needed to produce a very powerful short film. We are hoping to do the bulk of the filming in the outdoor locations of the Gulf & San Juan Islands; essential to carry the stories elements. We will also be arranging for a film crew and two key actors to be ready on short notice and that may be daunting. Leigh will be directing the project as well as doing some behind the camera work. 


~ We can offer these cute videos to to tease you with! (Updated December 2019) 

Video below – One of those rare and magical days at the lake in June — Have your audio on:

I did not know the fisher persons~~

Above: Two birds awkwardly work out winter bathing in a tiny creek.

Below: Molten lava meets sea: An expanded footage of this very rare event.


Digital Nectar Videography presents this surreal three and a half minute slice of altered reality … A journey to that place between the forces that create all things — the dreamscape of the natural world; and sometimes ours. A Taste of Digital Nectar. Watch it twice to absorb it all 🙂

This video is representative of the footage we carry in stock and can shoot, as well as some of our editing capabilities. 

NOTE: For optimal viewing on all videos on this site just click theHDand select at least 720p for better quality, have your audio up or use headphones and click on fullscreenVimeo Icon_sml.


Reviews of ELEMENTALS !:

 “I cried to your video. I felt so deeply connected and grateful for the imagery you captured and essence of life.” – Athena Guzman Poole May 2017

“I am sitting here having watched the vid….I became so stirred, I held my sternum as I began to softly cry….I have not been able to pinpoint what the specialness of your images have meant for me….but this video should be at least 15 minutes long…it reaches the hollows of my heart and allows me to drift and cry freely as though the spiget has been turned on and well, it all flows freely” ~~ Jacqueline Landeen April 2016          ~~ Actually, we are continuing to assemble some more intimate nature video clips that will eventually lead to what Jaqueline desires; an extended ELEMENTALS; we are aiming at a new release in early 2020.


Swimming With Wild Dolphins

Three minutes of intimate fun: swimming up close and personal with groups of wild Spinner Dolphins.  Kick back and slide into the world of these amazing magical mammals.

(Note: We do not shoot professional underwater video, although we can shoot equivalent quality footage for clients if it serves their project goals. )